Q: Can I play for just one league? I only feel comfortable on one of those tracks.
A: Yes. All dues-paying skaters are free to skate for one league or both, and their monthly financial commitment will be the same for either choice; dues pay for the shared facility. However, other league requirements such as attendance, service, insurance requirements, bout responsibilities and committee requirements may differ for each league.  
– Find out more about San Diego Derby Dolls membership requirements.
– Find out more about SoCal Kraken membership requirements.

Q: What kind of insurance must I have for each team?
A: Both leagues require that you hold personal medical insurance. San Diego Derby Dolls do not require any further insurance, though many members carry optional USARS or WFTDA so that they can participate in community scrimmages and derby events. SoCal Derby members are required to carry WFTDA insurance.

Q: What if I don’t currently belong to a league but would like to join?
New skater orientations are hosted once a month at the Dollhouse.  Skaters for all leagues come in through the same orientation on the 2nd of each month.   To get the latest news on when the next orientation will be for all programs, please contact newskaters@sandiegoderbydolls.com.  The full orientation schedule and additional information is available online at http://www.sandiegoderbydolls.com/training/adult-orientation.

Q: When you say “roller derby every day,” does that mean that I can literally roller skate at the Dollhouse every single day?
A: Dues paying members of both leagues have the same Dollhouse privileges, so they’re welcome at any open skate, scheduled league or open team practice and can be invited to any private team practice that their skill level qualifies them to attend. The Dollhouse hosts different kinds of skating sessions every day of the week, including new skater bootcamp, shared league practices at beginning/intermediate and intermediate/advanced levels, open skates and scrimmages and both open and private team practices on both banked and flat track.

In addition, adult team level skaters for either league may have track access any time a scheduled practice is not in session.

Q: I have more questions.  Who can I email?
A: General inquires can be emailed to info@rollerderbysandiego.com and will be answered by a knowledgable roller derby collaborator.